Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yorkshiremen and Mingers

It is very good to be back in The Great Puddle; especially now the girls are around again. I went out last night, to celebrate being back I suppose, I had a very good time despite the fact that anyone I knew from before that evening went home early. I started the evening with a desire to not drink too much and thus not spend too much. Needless to say I failed miserably in both regards, spending too much money on a variety of tipples; including the excellent Boggart's Best they were doing in Font (which by the way not only serves damn good beer but look after it well).

My loan installment appears to have come through I am glad to say - tomorrow I am going to do a little minor shopping - and pick up Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum and a collection of Saints lives I have been recommended. Today I got to see a few people from Church who I had not seen for what seems a very long time; and it was grand to do so. I have done a little revision today, but you'll be glad to know I didn't let it get in the way of my education.

Today I have researched the candidates for the Lib Dem leadership bid; making use of the BBCs video content to catch the speeches made at the hustings in London, my leaning is very much towards Ming*. This article makes clear some of the advantages he has over Hughes, although some of the arguments in favour of Hughes are very compelling; my father reasons that a vote for Hughes is a clear vote in favour of what the Meedja calls either the "left of the party", "Yellow Bookers" or "Social Liberals", so whoever wins will have a clear direction. I will almost certainly detail my trauma over the next few weeks possibly in great detail; far greater detail than anyone could possibly care about.

I also have been researching the origins of Yorkshire County Anthem Ilkla Moor Bah 'Tat** prompted by a discussion of the same, whilst crossing the same. It is a well known fact that the words of While Shepherds Watched can be sung to the same tune; it is less well known that that is the song for which the tune was originally intended. The Wikipedia confirms this. I cannot find confirmation for the suggestion that it was common practice amongst Yorkshire Choirs to learn tunes to comical or non sensical words; using the real words only on a Sunday and in formal performance.

*Which by extension would possibly make me either a Mong or a Minger; my preference being for the former - camp space opera references beat toilet humour level punning anyday.

**[On] Ilkley Moor Without a Hat; and according to some versions without any Trousers eithe

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