Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mark Oaten and Exams

Well those two exams are done with; yesterday I had The Body In Society which was a bit sticky in places - I'm not a big fan of questions set so vaguely; I like broad but not so broad that ones head falls out, or something like that - I'm going to stop this sentence now. Todays exam was A Liberal Nation, and was much better - nice questions that I could set out nicely and, hopefully, answer well. I am glad they are over with though. I have a week to go before the next one; which could be quite nasty - being a spot of economic history; I may have to remember numbers.

I am looking forward to this evening; seeing everyone from MSCM again is always always jolly (although I have seen a fair handful already what with one thing and another).

Lastly I want to point out that Mark Oaten, who I am sure is a wonderful person but who always strikes me as a fascist toad of a chap, has dropped out of the Lib Dem election race. Which is actually, as Sellers and Yeatmen would say A Bad Thing. Why oh why?? I hear my thrilled audience ask; because what we want (read: I want) is a competition, not left versus right, because that doesn't exist obviously, but between attitudes in the party. The differences are minor in most regards; however if there is no electoral option given to the party the economic liberals will never be quelled. Anyway heres the link to the BBC story, the official announcement is at three.

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