Friday, January 27, 2006

Exams, Damn Lies and Statistics

Exams now all over and done with; A big cheer for that - I am gladly anticipating the recommencement of university proper. I think despite my initial misgivings my Industrial Society was the best. I answered questions on working women; whereby my thesis was that things had gotten pretty bad for women; as pre revolution they had been able to do good jobs for moderately good pay; including jobs such as spinning which could be done in the home. These jobs where then mechanised taken out of the home and in various over ways made the sole preserve of men, pushing women either out of work or into really menial proto-industry. I answered a question on Education and literacy, saying why it got worse and why it didn't matter; finally I answered on on the Standard of Living - namely explaining why historians believe it got worse nowadays - a nice meaty historiographical piece.

Now it is my intention to get lots of reading done during the next week - a bti of preliminary for my new modules, and also a bit on A-S England so I can talk to Nick Higham about it. That is the plan anyway.

It turns out that Simon Hughes is gay, I get the impression that the Lib Dem community is singularly underwhelmed by this "Revelation". Unlike The Sun which has indulged in a number of particularly dodgy borderline homophobic puns; "Limp Dem", "Another one bites the pillow". They are just bitter because they weren't told earlier; and with coverage like that would you?

Finally I am just browsing the stats for this blog for the first time in ages. Apparently 52.94% of the people who have found this site have done so with the search term "Mark Oaten" there were also searches for "mark@oaten" and "lib dem rentboy leadership". People have also been searching for "Courgette Golden Dawn" "We'll drink a drink to lilly the pink"(I get a few lilly the pink related searches actually). People searching for "People who died for what they believed in" where directed towards this entry on the film Downfall. Whoever searched for "women's role in early britain 500-1066 ad" was probably disappointed. I'm fiddling with my side bar a bit - I do know it currently duplicates information; I am planning to scrub the second set.

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