Saturday, November 26, 2005

Brownie Related Goodness

Probably the last blog of November; not long till I'll be able to say that I have been blogging for a year; certainly longer than I have ever kept a diary running. So in that sense it was probably a success. My private scrapbook is currently accompanied by a box full of things I have never got round to 'scrapping' in. I'll think more on that theme later perhaps.

I am happy to report the successful production of two batches of chocolate brownies; including one batch of experimental chocolate orange brownies; sadly not experimental vegan brownies, I forgot to check for vegan chocolate, and wasn't entirely sure about the most intelligent way to do egg substitute. I also took collection of some banana loaf and buns from Georgina who is unable to come tomorrow. "What's tomorrow Owen??" why dear reader tomorrow is the fair trade brunch - from 11-1 at Whitworth park I and my beautiful assistants will be distributing all manner of yummy things all for a pound. (In quantities somewhere approximating a light lunch or large breakfast). We even have Gluten free cakes! I am really hopping it all comes together OK, especially as I was trusted with a lot of the organising side of things!!

Also today I finished my Christianity essay, allowing me to hopefully start my (already begun) Liberal Nation essay tomorrow. On Monday I shall hunt for a tutor for next year (yes I know I should have done so already - there was always something more pressing).