Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bradford for a Bit

I am coming towards the end of a pleasant time knocking about at home; I wouldn't say I've done much exciting but enjoyable nonetheless. I have been making slow and steady progress on revision. Boring as I have been finding it. I've done my usual trick of trying to bump into people when I can; but not put enough effort into it; which I will regret slightly when I am back in Manchester - I don't intend to return for some while. It has gotten to the point where I am definitely favoring Manchester over Bradford - even my brief stay after New Year which I thought might have been crushingly dull was good fun; and I got to go for a drink with Andrew and with James, so I kept busy. I return to Manchester on Saturday, hopefully tomorrow I'll give blood. I intend to drag others along with myself.

Well nothing interesting to report today; nothing I can mention, I hope I have more for you soon.

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