Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vote 2007 - Polls are Open!

Ok Poll day today. How I wish I could vote in Scotland. (a mix of LibDem and SNP if I could)

As it is I have voted, Lib Dem (although I was tempted to vote Justine - ahh for STV).

Scotland is more interesting so I'll look to them first:

It looks like Labour scare tactics have worked, the SNP lead has done a last minute '1992' collapse. So it looks like a very close tie, with the Lib Dems as king-makers.

The Lib Dems will be in an awkward position if Labour do suffer enough to be almost tied with the SNP, especially if the Lib Dems get a lower vote themselves. It could easily appear that they are proping up labour despite a swing against both of them.

It is also possible that the Greens will have to join a coalition (especially if the tories do any better than expected, or the Lib Dems any worse). Will that change things at all?

I would want a LibDem SNP coalition - if the SNP can drop the independence referendum. Which would be in their interest given they would lose it. The SNP will try and engineer clashes with Westminster in order to gain support for independence. Not Good. I hope the Lib Dems can restrain them.

If Labour are out in front then a Lib-Lab coalition would be my second preference. I would hope the Lib Dems would set out a strong raft of big policies to push through.

No-one appears to be suggesting a minority government (by the largest party). it could be chaotic, or, it could just work. An SNP minority would work well for the LibDems who could vote against the referendum, but vote through the policies (many) which they share with the SNP.

In Manchester I am hoping for some modest gains.

I fully expect to become Bradford's brand new, youngest, councilor...

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