Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vote 2007

Maybe I will be repeating my epic coverage which you will remember from the General Election. Maybe not. (it all depends what is going on thursday evening)

I am looking forward to finding out what happens in Bradford, Manchester and, indeed, Scotland. Especially exciting to a LIbDem is the use of Preferential voting in Scottish Council Seats. I have a special interest in this particular election as I am standing as the Liberal Democrat Candidate in Toller ward, Bradford.

The Ward is currently held by two Labour and one Conservative, I am standing against the Labour incumbent. The seat is actually a weird one (thus the 2:1 split, and this is not unusual at all for the seat.

I am interested in the Scottish elections because I hope to make that cold country my home one of these days. I don't like the idea of Independence, but... PR, Lib Dems in government, Eurozone entry?? Put it like that and it sounds pretty good to me. It has been pointed out to me, by those better informed and more attractive than I, that the SNP's policies are the same as the Lib Dems. I am genuinely annoyed with them for there stance on coaltion with the SNP. Even if they disagree with the referendum I think they should be open to supporting it (and campaigning for a No) if it wins them reforms which are good for Scotland. Bottom line, if the Scottish want independence, they should probably have it, even if they are wrong to want it. That should clearly be the Liberal line.

Manchester is nothing like as interesting as Bradford in objective terms. But I am just as interested for personal reasons. I make no predictions for either council. I say only that the yellows might push forward a bit in both seats, if they are lucky. Both parties deserve it.

That has set my stall out, watch this space...


The T&A reportage about the council candidatures can be found here. There is a list of candidates at the bottom. The T&A website is, well, the website of a local paper, but it is improving all the time.

I will be keeping an eye on this area of the Guardian website, and these fora.

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