Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Various Events

Well I am writing this between my lecture and my seminar from the History Cyber Café – It always amazes me that this room is near empty even when the library is packed; I suppose in theory its not meant for work; but then not everyone at the library machines is working; and I betcha some of them are history students as well.

There is much to much to report. All essays and tutors are well and truly sorted, I even got round to grabbing a few books from the library to take home other Christmas.

Talking of festive things… the living room at park view is mighty festive with the addition of my Christmas tree; goodness knows where it’ll go when I get home; perhaps I’ll loan it to Angharad or something. I went Carol singing on Sunday instead of going to KISS; that was mighty fun even if someone had been messing around with the words (‘oh come all you faithful’ indeed; and what’s wrong with ‘very God’) oh and noone sung the descants for Once In Royal which was also upsetting to me. On Friday (Really stretching back now – I can barely remember last week) I had the girls of MSCM for dinner. I did them ‘Dauphinois Surprise’ (it had a layer of Mushrooms under it) and Provencal Stew (I would have called it Ratatouille but I fancied a change) both went down pretty well; the left other Dauphinois was my lunch on Saturday – and the Ratatouille was magically turned into Lasagne (with the addition of more tomato, passatta, more aubergine and courgette, a little soya mince and the left other mushrooms) I haven’t finished it yet; hopefully I’ll do so today – allowing me to create something altogether different for Wednesday and Thursday (something that’ll use up all remaining potato and onion – maybe potato and onion soup; with courgette fritters). Last thing that pops to mind is that I went to see Narnia; and very much enjoyed it, but was a little concerned by C.S. Lewis’ apparent dualism, I’ll think about it when I have a) reread the book and b) rewatched the film.

Coming home soon, and very much looking forward to doing so. I’ll miss folks from up here though.

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