Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Made me Chuckle...

From : Bradford Trade Justice Network
Sent : 06 December 2005 21:33:30
To :
Subject : White Band Day III

Please come to Centenary Square from 10-11am this Saturday (wearing your
white band, of course!) We hope to be wrapping Terry Rooney MP in a big
white band as part of our campaign for trade justice.

Best wishes,

Bradford Trade Justice Network

What a lovely idea - I shall probably be in Albert Square on the day instead, If anyone can get me a picture of Terry Rooney wrapped up in white I would be most pleased.

Also in my inbox this morning (t'other inbox though); Nick Higham Agreeing to be my tutor. So I crossed the first hurdle -- I emailed the right one. (Students at manchester may or may not know that there are two Nicholas J Highams, one medievelist and one mathematician)

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