Saturday, December 3, 2005


I handed in all my essays hurrah!!

Today (and to a lesser extent yesterday) has been quite productive. The last few weeks have been pretty busy, it is in fact my opinion that the whole semester has been pretty relentless, but these last few weeks especially so. In the time when I have been writing essays etc I have neglected somewhat all the small but important domestic tasks that one should complete to best maintain ones home. So today I cleaned and tidied; no longer does my floor host all the notes I never got round to putting away, no longer is my bathroom covered in dust (I did clean my bathroom but only doing the important bits). i find a nice tidy and clean room very pleasing indeed - makes me feel much more in control of my environment.

I have also just finished the second section of Nick Higham, The Convert Kings I am reading this because I will be covering the period in my long essay next year, and it seems possible that the author will be supervising me, if not he'll be supervising me on paper with Martin Ryan - his student supervising. All very intimidating; to be potentially discussing Bede with a man who just wrote a book about the subject could be interesting.

Oh and another thing...*
I met Charles Kennedy on Thursday: Inbetween lectures I had the opportunity, which I took of meeting him of being in a group of people chatting with him in one of the MMU cafeterias(cafeteria, cafeterii???) There were bundles of people taking photos and notes, both press and Lib Dem types - plus Channel M videoing. He gets publicity, ManUniLibDemSoc and a few hangers on get to chat with the party leader- everyone wins. He is a particularly chatty type, as I suppose one learns to be in that sort of job. Seemed friendly and genuinely open to discussion; I certainly didn't detect him trying to edge the conversation towards what he might have wanted to talk about.

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