Sunday, August 5, 2007

An anachronistic gender bending idyll

I'm still in Edinburgh, which is brilliant. The period I was looking forward to, the fringe, is just hotting up. It actually started today, and I have already decided, it sucks. Edinburgh is already sooo busy, and I don't really have the money to take advantage of it all. I have been here for two months and I already feel like a disgruntled elderly resident. What is going to be really good, is the Book Festival.

I am middle aged beyond my years. Oh well, I'm engaged, so I never need to pretend to be young and exciting ever again.

Talking of Natasha, the best thing about being here is of course, being with her. We have settled into a frighteningly domestic regime. I am a housewife from the '50s, she earns the money, I do the shopping and cooking and stuff, and greet her at the door with a fresh ribbon in my hair. I love it, I would be quite happy to be a '50s housewife. The only thing I could hope for is a bit more personal space. If when we live together we have the most tiny of places, or even if I moved into a room permanently, at least I wouldn't be living out of a suitcase.

Our anachronistic gender bending idyll is threatened however, as is my louche reputation, by the encroachment of 'gainful' employment. At the very least I should have a bit more on my CV by the end of the summer. It is also helpful that I will not be running out of money, even if I have not been able to save, which was my original intention. I got work with a company that did traffic surveys and the like, long days, very boring, and very difficult for me and Natasha, (I had to wake her up at silly o'Clock in the morning, she had to come home knackered and sort me something to eat when I got back) nonetheless, the money was good. Unfortunately the work dropped off, and my attempts to get back in touch with them failed. Oh well, it frees me up to piss around in a cafe! A friend of Natasha's is running a place, profits to be divided by man hours. I'm doing my first shift tomorrow, we shall see how it goes. It could go brilliantly, the location is good, near a couple of decent venues, plus there are people around generally who might be dropping in for the odd cup of coffee. I am technically a volunteer, so there is no guarantee that I will get even minimum wage pay. Here's to hoping.

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